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A Talk with Digicon & AWS: How to Save Cost with AWS Cloud

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Watch the replay of our highly sought-after webinar to learn how to save cost when it comes to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and only pay for what you need.

Imtranur Rahman, AWS solutions architect, and Robert Pinder, Digicon cloud development manager, simplify AWS forecasting capabilities, cost optimization, and budgets. They discuss how to monitor your usage, set up alerts, reduce costs and scale with EC2 auto-scaling, and more.

Watch the Discussion with Digicon & AWS: How to Save Cost with AWS Cloud

In-Depth Look at What is Covered in the Webinar

AWS Budgets

AWS Budgets enables you to set a budget and alerts for when you exceed, or are forecasted to exceed, your budgeted cost or usage amount.

We can help you understand the true performance needs of your resources, as well as leverage the right pricing model and storage class. AWS offers many types of storage based on your application’s needs, and it’s important to leverage the right class of storage to be cost efficient. Digicon helps to identify ways to optimize your AWS infrastructure, improve security and performance, reduce costs, and monitor service quotas. We offer a free consultation to discuss your AWS security, S3 bucket permissions, security groups, service limits, and more.

By implementing the tips shared in the lunch & learn, we have been able to reduce costs for our client Unanet. All of Unanet’s systems are now virtual instead of being physical, costly, dedicated, vendor-managed servers. Using AWS, Digicon routinely resizes individual compute and storage resources that previously had to be bought with a three- to five-year capacity plan in mind. This has eliminated Unanet’s capacity limit issues without having to predict its long-term needs and requirements. With its systems in the cloud environment, Unanet has direct, immediate control over its expenses and has optimized costs with the pay-per-use model and Amazon’s cost analysis tools. Digicon improved Unanet’s continuity and recovery issues by spreading out the elevations across multiple availability zones, ensuring its systems remain available and reliable.

After providing AWS and consulting services for our other client, Patriot Realty, the company is now well established in the cloud and has more visibility into its IT costs. Now Patriot has a single bill that represents all costs, rather than numerous individual bills to track for separate services. Implementing cloud-based services has also eliminated the need to maintain and buy new hardware and software licenses, saving several thousands per year on licenses alone.

Standard IT Services You Need to Grow

For those of you starting small and now looking to improve your office infrastructure and move to a remote setup: Digicon can help you. We provide simple to advanced IT consulting, hardware, and managed services. No matter the maturity stage of your company, work with us if you need:

  • A complete IT solution within a certain budget
  • Consulting on how to scale and migrate applications
  • Help to send out emails securely
  • Hourly support to set up your printer and other business devices
  • A WordPress website rebuild hosted on AWS

Our comprehensive IT solutions allow you to standardize your office IT and entire IT infrastructure. With 30-plus years of experience in the IT industry, Digicon will help you operate in line with best standardized practices. We are reliable and can help you save money—so quit worrying about your IT environment and software updates!

Set up a consultation with our engineers to discuss solutions and determine how we can help your team reduce IT operational cost. The consultation is completely free and gives you the opportunity to learn about cost-effective solutions to your specific needs.

Set up your consultation now for a time that works best for you.

We are excited to walk through your IT environment and processes to help you find a solution, whether it be finding an appropriate software-as-a-service application or helping you decide what the best IT solution is for your company to scale.

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